Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cheap Talk #31 ALL SHOOK UP with Ralph & Ian!

This is an episode of The Mighty "Rock & Metal Combat Podcast" (73) with Ralph Viera/Dr FUKK & Ian Wadley. They had Ken Mills on to discuss Cheap Trick's "All Shook Up" If you enjoyed this episode check them out over at or on Itunes!
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  1. hey bros - first off - kudos to you for giving this massively under-rated album the love it deserves. i remember calling the local record store every week anticipating its release. with the exciting, exuberant romp of "everything works if you let it" (also recorded with george martin during the ASU sessions) released to the masses via the roadie soundtrack a few months previous, i was prepared to have my mind blown. well, it was blown, but it took a lot longer than i thought and for reasons i did not normally associate with the cheap trick albums i had come to know and love up to that point.

    like most fans, i was initially partial to side one, and kind of thrown by side two. however, like many of my favorite albums, the genius of the record revealed itself over time and repeated listens. in hindsight, i look at ASU as cheap trick at their creative zenith, and side two to be some of the band's most challenging material. i know that the members of CT are very fond of this album.

    i recommend that you guys rethink side two. i spoke with bun e. about some of the tunes, and he specifically mentioned "go for the throat" and how much he liked it. if you pick the song apart, you will find that it is one of robin's strongest vocal performances, tom's bass lines are some of his most interesting, bun e.'s drum parts are very unique, and rick's grasp of composition shines with a masterful melody/counter melody reminiscent of "surrender" or "voices". the song is one of their most powerful as well. what's not to love?

    i must make one minor correction as well - cheap trick played "stop this game" and "can't stop it but i'm gonna try" on saturday night live. pete comita is on bass.

  2. i must correct myself - CT played "baby loves to rock" instead of "stop this game" during their appearance on SNL. i find it interesting that they did not perform one of their singles/hits, not to mention that robin plays electric piano on both tunes. i don't believe robin has played keyboards in concert before or since the ASU tour.

  3. another tidbit regarding the ASU sessions is regarding the tune "machines make money", which was written and sung by tom (with support vocals from robin). it is actually a pretty good tune and would have fit on the album rather well, but tom had already decided to leave CT at that point and chose to pull the song from the album in order to feature it in his new band with then-wife, dagmar. there are a couple of live versions of this song floating around trade circles - one is a radio broadcast of a performance in Japan from 1983 under the name "Carmen Appice and Friends"; the other a live performance in New York from 1985 with Sick Man of Europe, which features Pete Comita on lead guitar and Jenna Allen on co-lead vocals) - both of which have markedly different arrangements and parts than the recording from the ASU sessions.

    another ASU outtake that was supposedly written by tom is called "sleep closes in", recorded sans vocals.